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Nordkapp is the reason behind the rise of Nördepack with the coordinates of 71 degrees, 10 minutes, 21 seconds North.Nordkapp has picturesque scenery of polar days and polar nights. Many have come to know it as the end of the earth as well as the end of the world. That presents people with infinite possibilities and hope. You might have gotten the chance to be at the most bustling parts of Nordkapp or the loneliest one to spend your time aloof from the crowd. At the same time, you might have ventured further, passing through the various mountains of different designs and crossing the beautiful rivers, and fields that promote the landscape to other parts of this splendid location. However, you will realize that you have never really been to the end of Nordkapp. So is Nördepack.

The “ ö ” of Nördepack represents our curiosity to discover the world.


Showcase your work.

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